We are dedicated to bring you the best programmes in building a unique brand called YOU®.

Not sure of what you want in life?
Not happy with your financial status?
Can’t find the way to stand out?

Now, you can pursue your goals with utmost confidence by applying the 3 principles of our signature programmes.

At BrandtalksAsia, we craft our programmes to enhance the 3 aspects of your Personal Brand – How people SEES you; How people HEARS you; How people FEELS about you.

With this methodology, we had helped countless clients discover their true purposes in life; turning passion into profits; and achieved exponential growth in their career and life – to SHINE as a star.

We provide Group Trainings as well as Personal Coaching. Contact us today for further information.




Be recognised. Be the go-to person in your industry. Be Branded.

Transform yourself from inside out through Jane & Ian’s ‘You Can Be Branded’ 4-Day Personal Branding Course.

• Stage 1 : Knowing Yourself
Discover What you want to achieve in life & the big Why behind it; Know your Personality and those of others.

• Stage 2 : Positioning
Find out How to be uniquely you; Understand your Target Audience & How to outshine the rest.

• Stage 3 : Image
Develop your inner confidence & outer beauty (Colours • Facial / Bodyline / Hairstyle Analysis • A.S.S.E.T. • T.R.E.N.D. Colours)

• Stage 4 : Styling
Develop the most gorgeous Style that uplifts your Positioning, Personality & Profession

• Stage 5 : Photoshoot & Design
Unleash the Star in you & carry the similar confidence into your life (Personal Brand Profile • Video)


Not confident in your Image?

Join Jane & Ian’s ‘BrandImage Intensive’ 2-Day Image Course to have a drastic makeover! Discover the inner light within you and shine in your career & life.

• Stage 1 : Image Audit
Appreciate your own unique beauty by identifying & utilising the Assets & Liabilities in your image.

• Stage 2 : Inner & Outer Alignment
Transform yourself from inside out by synchronising your Mind & your Heart with your image.

• Stage 3 : Show Your True Colours
Look sharp & feel great by applying your Seasonal Colours.

• Stage 4 : Grooming – Facial / Bodyline / Hairstyle Analysis
Create the best image by understanding you unique assets.

• Stage 5 : Accessories Workshop
Mix & match to spice up your looks.

• Stage 6 : Personal Style Development
Show your unique stunning looks based on your purpose, personality & profession.


Establish your Personal Brand with the right equation!

Through ‘Personal Brand Formula’ 1-Day Personal Branding Workshop, Jane & Ian will help you to unlock your Personal Brand with a simple Formula!

• Stage 1 : Plus ( + )
Load your Branding Weapons by adding up all your best resources – Vision, Skill, Opportunity, People.

• Stage 2 : Minus ( – )
Set your Branding Path by removing the worst elements in your life – Fear, Regret, Obstacle, Weakness, Negativity

• Stage 3 : Multiply ( x )
Accelerate your Branding Success by setting your Social GPS and leveraging on the strengths of your network

• Stage 4 : Divide ( ÷ )
Set an Ultimate Branding Goal and divide them into 10 small steps. Start moving!


Enjoy a bright head start in your career by being your most awesome, authentic self!

Learn how you can outshine the rest with your own uniqueness through Jane & Ian’s ‘Be Your Own SuperBrand’ Workshop as we prepare you for your working life.

• Stage 1 : Self-GPS
Define a clear Goal in your life – with a clear destination; Find the best way to get there.

• Stage 2 : Self-made Superhero
Find your Purpose to Serve; your Strengths; your Personality. 

• Stage 3 : Self-Programming
Install a new OS in you – BrandMe 2.0. Reformat & Reprogramme your mindset to start afresh.

• Stage 4 : Self-Actualising
Plan your step-by-step Action Plan to get to your Goals. Start Running!

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