You are a Limited Edition ~ Ian Lai

You are Different, Make a Difference.

Have you heard of things like,
“Why are you so different than your siblings?”
“You are so weird.”
“Can’t you just follow what others do?”

The question is, why should we be ordinary when we were born extraordinary?

You are the one and only person in the world’s population of 7 billion people, with a different set of experiences; knowledges; network. No one is a carbon copy of you.


You are 1 in 7 billion. You are SPECIAL. You are 100% ORIGINAL.
There’s only 1 YOU® and there will not be another YOU® after you’re gone.

Celebrate your Uniqueness. Make a Difference with your Difference.






Ian Lai | Brandingprenuer • Trainer




T  +603 7717 4922

Ian Lai is the Brandingpreneur from BrandtalksAsia. His passion is to assist companies and individuals to discover their WOW factors towards becoming a Brand. Please contact him at for consultation on Personal & Corporate Branding.

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