Grow Yourself, NOT Your Problem ~ Ian Lai

Whatever you focus on expands.

If you spend time on growing yourself, you will improve. But if you spend time spreading, worrying, complaining on your problem, it will expand too.

All these complaining and spreading is not going to solve the problem for you. Dealing with it will.

Start working on yourself, start finding that source of greatness within you. Because your problems are NOT as big as you. They are just things you need to experience in order for you to progress in your life.

Hence, never run away from your problem and pretend it never exist. Start by facing your problem. Accept that you have emotions towards it – be it fear, hatred or anger. Admitting that you have such emotions will cleanse the conflict in you. When the conflict is no longer there, you’ll have a clearer mind on the solutions.

Focus on improving yourself and deal with your problems. Enjoy the full experience.

Thanks for the inspiration from a good friend, Mr Terlochan.




Ian Lai | Brandingprenuer • Trainer




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Ian Lai is the Brandingpreneur from BrandtalksAsia. His passion is to assist companies and individuals to discover their WOW factors towards becoming a Brand. Please contact him at for consultation on Personal & Corporate Branding.

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