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Do you know that people judge you firstly by what you wear, then by how you speak, and lastly by the words you say? And all this happen within six seconds? You might think this is impossible!

brand-talks-chart-jane-leeIn 1950’s, Albert Mehrabian, a pioneer researcher found that the total impact of message consists of 7% of verbal, 38% of voice and 55% of appearance and actions. He also found that the verbal component of a face-to-face conversation is less than 35% and 65% of communication is done non-verbally. Studies show that when we are negotiating over the phone, the person with the stronger voice or arguments usually win, but when it comes to face-to-face negotiating, the result is just the opposite because overall it is not what you say, but it is how you looked when you say it.

'You Can be Branded', Jun 2014

The Law of Attraction is always working in this world. If you project a positive image, people will be attracted to you more easily because you look positive and capable.

If you project a negative image, people may try to ignore you or even unfriend you because you look negative and do not have self-respect. You can say these people are very shallow or fake, but that is the truth in today’s world. Every time when you first meet with someone, you start to form an impression of that individual. You become either comfortable or uncomfortable around that person based on the impression you inform. A person’s appearance captures your attention and their personality captures your heart.

Personal image is the key to human personality and behavior. Changing your personal image means you are changing your personality and your behavior.

Statistics show that 95% of employers said that a job seeker’s personal appearance affected their opinion of the applicant’s suitability for the job. 91% said they believe dressing and grooming reflected the applicant’s attitude towards the company. 61% said dressing and grooming had an effect on subsequent promotions. This shows a successful personal image helps in our professions – when you look better, when your image communicates what you are, who you are and most importantly where you want to go, then you are on the right path to become a STAR in your own field.

'Engineer Your Brand', Oct 2014

Most people believes if they work hard, do things in a certain sequence, or if they are smart, intelligent and lucky, they will get close to what they want. However, this is the hard way to manifest success. The key to success in business is to balance your skills and performance with a polished professional image. According to research, physically attractive women and men earn more than average-looking people. In today’s market as a whole, image have a bigger impact on earnings than education.

Personal image is about being your own self, doing what you like, telling people who you are and living your own life to make yourself feel good. It doesn’t matter whether you are tall or short, fat or thin, how old you are, what your color is and what religion you have. It is about how you feel about yourself. If you look frumpy, out of style, rigid, afraid of change, nobody will believe you. If there is a disconnection between what you say you do and how you look, there is a room for doubt. Do you know if you turn someone off on your image; how long it takes for you to win them back? According to the image expertise, we have to take 45 minutes of really good talking to win them back their confidence and trust.

'Personal Branding Mastery' Personal Coaching, Dec 2014

You are what you wear. You have to really understand and position yourself and create your own formula to beautify your image. And that formula represents you and it became your personal brand. Your image not only affects people’s opinion of you, but also your opinion about yourself. You were given life. It is your duty to find something beautiful within life, no matter how slight. “Think as if, act as if; Dress as if, to become as if” by Norman Vincent Peale. We need to let go of the fear and create a positive changes that help us look our best and be our best.

Take your image seriously, love yourself and make yourself beautiful anytime in every moment.

Do it because you “get to”, not because you “got to”.





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Jane Lee is the Personal Branding Consultant of BrandtalksAsia. For enquiries on how to create more successes with your Personal Brand, do not hesitate to contact her at

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