When you have Doubts, Just Do It!

When you’re at the crossroad, focus on the first 2 letters – simply DO IT!

Doubt is an illusion created by your brain to stop you from attempting new things.

When you’re in doubt, you are not thinking, you are merely retrieving datas from the past to tell you whether this is the right move or not.

Sometimes thinking logically is the most illogical thing to do. You stop yourself from exploring new places. Let’s have the courage and intuition to do new things, because if you are afraid to DIE, you are afraid to LIVE too.

DO IT. When you look back, you will not have the regrets of not trying.




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Ian Lai is the Brandingpreneur from BrandtalksAsia. His passion is to assist companies and individuals to discover their WOW factors towards becoming a Brand. Please contact him at ian@brandtalks.asia for consultation on Personal & Corporate Branding.

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