Let it Shine ~ Jane Lee

How many of you have encountered darkness in life – with fear, doubt or lack of courage?

I was in Gua Tempurung for a caving tour a few months ago. At the beginning, I saw fancy lightings showcasing the natural grandeur of the cave. As we went deeper, it became so dark we had to rely on the torchlight for directions. Then came the scary part, the slide – where we couldn’t see the end of.

I looked down, I couldn’t see much but only heard the voices from the people down there. I could relate to the blind people at that moment. Couldn’t see a thing, but still find the light within to get to their destinations.

My husband went down first. I was next. I was so nervous but I knew I had to find my light from within – my courage. 1, 2, 3, boom! I slid down…

Everyone is born with an inner light. Your inner light is greater than the darkness. Some of us hang on to it; some let go of it; some have to work extremely hard to get it back.

I made use of it, I slid down knowing that people beneath would catch me. You can too. Because you have the same spark of light in you, to guide you.

All of us have great uniqueness. But we fear how others perceive us. Therefore we end up struggling in our inner self and ended up becoming the unauthentic us.

Let me ask you a question. Are you the person that OTHERS want you to be? Or are you the person YOU want to be?

During my childhood, I have problems dealing with friends and even my cousins. Sometimes I hated the compliments from the adults because I always think these will make me weird and different from others. Gradually, I started to ask these question to my friends, “How do you think of me? How do you want me to be so that you like me more?” I tried very hard to live by someone else’s rules.

I became shy and not confident. I started to complain I have poor communication skills & I felt that almost every child of my age avoided me. Thus, I become accustomed to loneliness & helplessness for several years. My inner light became dimmer, and dimmer.

As a result, I found my childhood life unpleasant. I was living in my own small, lonely world. I allowed others’ words and actions to feed my worst enemy — my inner critic. Until one day, I was finally awakened and realized I have to take full responsibility of my own emotions.

You can’t be yourself if you do not accept yourself and do not know yourself.

When you are being yourself, it is easier to see what you want out of your life and what is truly important to you. You know exactly who you are and others can see it as well. The only person who can decide that you’re good enough, smart enough, and beautiful enough is you. By shifting your mindset and how you feel about yourself, you can radically change your life.

In life, we’ll meet people who likes to brag about themselves, as if they are pointing their lights straight in your face. Some people will choose to point their lights towards the direction you are heading, to guide you to see your true potentials.

If you can use your light in the darkness and guide others the way out of their misery, you are lighting up your life and others’ too. As mentioned by Bruce Lee: “No matter what, you must let your inner light guide you out of the darkness.”


Therefore, it had become my job to utilize my light and let it shine on others, so I can shine at the same time too. May you find your source of light, to SPARKLE, and to GLOW like a shiny star.





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Jane Lee is the Personal Branding Consultant of BrandtalksAsia. For enquiries on how to create more successes with your Personal Brand, do not hesitate to contact her at jane@brandtalks.asia.

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