Why Personal Image ≠ Personal Branding ~ Jane Lee

There lies a conflict of opinions between the importance of Personal Branding and Personal Image. Nonetheless both are about first impressions. That is a matter of how a person presenting themselves or their company to others.

When it comes to business as well as long-term effects, however, branding takes the lead. In this article, let me take you through the differences between Personal Branding & Personal Image.

Personal Branding

Personal Branding is the experience the individual represents. It is the communication of the entire package of experience, education, verbal & non-verbal behaviors together with your appearance and what you choose to surround with you.

You have to know who you are, what you do and how you do in order to make you stand out from your peers or competitors.

It becomes your reputation and branding. Many people think that Personal Branding is just for celebrities, that is so untrue. Each and every one of us is a brand. We can build brand equity just like them by understanding the process on how we market ourselves to others. Personal brand is mostly about influence.

If you have influenced your target market, you have done a successful job. You need to set some basic perceptions in the mind of your target market that you are different from all other competitors’ brands, you are best of all in providing services and no one can be compared to you.

Personal Image

Personal image is one of the aspects that communicate our personal brand. It is only the visual representation or packaging. It is something that you can change anytime if you want. Whereas Personal Branding is something you take times to develop according to your characteristics, strengths, values and goals.

Personal Image helps us in developing our self-confidence by dressing up with our own style and personality.

Image is a great and powerful communicator. The first impressions you make with your physical appearance speak much more than your words. According to the research done by a pioneer researcher, Albert Mehrabian in 1950’s, the total impact of message consists of 7% of verbal, 38% of voice and 55% of appearance and actions. Therefore how you look when you meet someone for the first time, is far more important than what you say and how you say it.

In my point of view, Personal Image is NOT equivalent to Personal Branding. Personal Image is only a part of Personal Branding – the APPEARANCE.

Both Personal Branding and Personal Image are critical component to a customer’s purchasing decision. Once a brand is associated with a certain image, it is very hard to separate the two, just like how black turtlenecks are associated with Steve Jobs doing Apple launches and red cap associated with Tony Fernandez at Airasia events.

Personal Branding has hit the mainstream and is no longer optional for entrepreneurs and professional. Building your own personal brand allows you to show the world your best authentic self.

By doing so, you create a meaningful and lasting impression on everyone you meet. That impression can translate into success on the job, in a new business, and in every aspect of your life. With a strong Personal Brand, you will definitely know how to fine-tune your image.

What are you waiting for? ACTION is the fundamental key to all success.

Start to learn how to create your Best Personal Brand and have a Personal Image that goes with it. Always bear in mind: “ONE BRAND, ONE IMAGE”.




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Jane Lee is the Personal Branding Consultant of BrandtalksAsia. For enquiries on how to create more successes with your Personal Brand, do not hesitate to contact her at jane@brandtalks.asia.

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